A Scandal Continues

A national buried scandal exposed by founder of UnitedPeople. Now PR remasked under a new name. Same basic setup, same companies. Just PR re-titled. Same data abuses. Same illegal data transfering and exporting.   . SHORT VERSION OF PAST: In previous years (involving Fine Gael, Labour and Green Party) there was an invented racket called … Read more

Wallop – The Credit Card Tax

Starting off 2024 with under-reporting on in this case not reporting at all, comes the revamped government credit card tax charges. On January the first, consumers that have bank accounts and as such, possess a credit card, are to be hit with the annual government money grab for their just having such an item in … Read more

RTEcensored is a thing

The vast majority of people who gain their Ireland news, in bulk gather it around six or nine o’clock. Most are also unaware that RTE, other national news outlets and local media decide to not report matters – or in possible clear bias, deliberately under-report matters. They do this so that a persons view on … Read more

Please Contribute

Your help is needed. In order to keep this site up and running, C&G need future financial assistance, and we need your help in keeping us updated about matters you feel should be further shared. If your items have genuine foundation and can be independently verified, C&G will willingly share your suggested new as soon … Read more