Trump. The Worst White House Boss Ever?


People who have had the unfortunate time along with others, to work with Trump as he occupied the Oval Office for four years, have come out and stated that he must not be president again. In his four years of being resident, Trump created a lot of chaos, a lot of uncertainty, a lot of firings, a lot of resignations, first time ever staff calls for a psychologist to be full-time hired, and reportedly treated many people like dirt and he raged and lashed out at all around him.

Over a dozen of Trump’s cabinet members and White House aides have gone on record as to why he must never hold power again. Trump, they learned by experience is said to be “thin-skinned,” “easily distracted,” “a troubled man,” “clearly irrational,” “has nothing but contempt for our democratic institutions,” and seen by foreign leaders as “a laughing fool.

• “He was thin-skinned and easily distracted,” said Nikki Haley, former U.N. ambassador and current 2024 GOP presidential candidate.

• “We can’t be following his celebrity leaders with fragile egos who refuse to acknowledge reality,” said Secretary of State Mike Pompeo..

• “President Trump endangered my family,” said Vice President Mike Pence, referring to January 6 rioters who wanted to hang him and Trump didn’t call off. When picked for VP, Trump said he was “the man who I truly believe will be outstanding in every way.”

• “Donald Trump is not fit to be president… I have been in those rooms when he’s met with those leaders. They think he’s a laughing fool,” says his once National Security Adviser John Bolton.

• “Our country can’t be a therapy session for a troubled man,” says Attorney General Bill Barr, who also dreads a Trump re-election.

• “He places our nation’s security at risk,” states Secretary of Defense Mark Esper.

• “A man who is pretty undisciplined,” said Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

• “He failed at being the president when we needed him to be that,” said Acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney, when he speaks of the now infamous January 6th insurrection.

• “A person that has nothing but contempt for our democratic institutions, our Constitution, and the rule of law. God help us!” said White House chief of staff John Kelly.

• “Clearly an irrational man,” said White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson.

• Trump “cares about no one but himself,” said press secretary Stephanie Grisham.

• “The domestic terrorist of the 21st century,” says Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci.

As of January 2024, there has been several books that have been wrote, going into good detail about how Trump caused hired staff chaos in the White House and outside it. He has been proven to be a habitual lair many thousands of times over, a person that is only loyal to himself, not even to his wives, while consistently leaving others that have stood by him, abandoned, used, abused then each individually discarded. There have been reported bad ex-presidents that have not been pleasant at all, to White House staff and others that have worked under the top person in the Oval Office – but the number of statements and complaints that have been already put on record by those that worked under him or for him, has reached an all-time precedent.