Far-Right Under Surveillance

For decades Fianna Fail, Fine Gael, Labour and Green Party representatives completely ignored the rising of far-right groups in Europe. In Ireland, the parties also ignored their rising. They did this deliberately. The only thing that the four parties wanted to concentrate on, was Sinn Fein. At every waking moment on radio, in newspapers and across TV networks, the four parties kept banging on about Sinn Fein, Sinn Fein and again, Sinn Fein. They simply didn’t want to address the rising of other groups. They were too busy tirelessly regurgitating the past of Sinn Fein while, in the case of Fine Gael, ignoring their own (including excluding their own Fascist party founder and his own antics, from their party website). Every second of media space allowed, every second they spoke on air, through every subject possible, attempts were regular made to try twist issues as a way to bash Sinn Fein – as if everything was all their fault and the entire country should be scared of them! Generations of Ireland people are supposed to just ignore over one hundred scandals, failures and taxpayer costly farces in the past ten years, that lay at the feet of the blinkered parties, in blame.

Other citizens repeatedly cried out for the four parties to stop being blinkered. They begged for the four parties to stop their ever tiresome antics of “Again, let’s just bash Sinn Fein!” while citizens saw that far-right thugs were gaining advances in Ireland by using lower educated and unemployed in poor areas, to use as a means to a political end – their selfish end – in order to grow in support. The four main parties didn’t want to hear about the rising of the far-right for well over a decade. They just about had their fingers in their ears and continued to ignore a far-right rising. All efforts were and mainly still are, about just bashing Sinn Fein. The approach by government parties was one of ‘softly, softly’ approach. Far-right parties quickly saw this and deicded to use that useless approach, to even greater advantage. They push and pushed, regarding what they could get away with – and discovered they could get away with loads. Sadly, so far they still can.

While they were (still are) being blinkered stupid, far-right aggressors were allowed to hassle innocent, powerless library staff, hassle local shop owners, cause traffic chaos, stir up others into acts of violence (including assaulting women, acts often caught on video. See documentary below). They were allowed get away with harassing opposition elected. They were allowed make life threatening posts on social media. They were allowed to instigate others into the burning of tents that belonged to homeless and even burning of Ireland properties. The four main parties, along with a top rank garda, did little or nothing to go after the aggressive far-right till it was years too late – and riots broke out on the streets of Dublin as it also burned, care of thugs also stirred-up by the far-right. The regular lies told by far-right thugs, were left unchallenged and under-exposed for the utter baseless trash they often were. Misinformation was put out across social media posts and in private forums, by the truckload every week and the easily gullible who questioned little – for their didn’t want their own preconcieved notions challanged – rushed to swallow many a lie and misinformation post up, as they were foolishly meant to.




The riots in Dublin were a wake-up call for the 2020 formed government. They finally decided to get off their backside and start better looking at the far right. We can say “Start looking…” because still, government elected won’t name the thugs, won’t confront the thugs, won’t see to it that the thugs are arrested even over past activities and crimes. Many within the far-right in Ireland, has been allowed to get away with much while drawing their social welfare benefits, then turning around and biting the hand that feeds it. A number of known far-right thugs are claiming sickness benefit – yet they are recorded as carrying speakers on their backs up hills and across the country, traveling across the island many times, having all the time in the world to attend fired-up protests. All while they claim they are sick, so they do not have to actually do a day of official work! To date, they are repeatedly getting away with this too. The government parties won’t act enough, to halt their activities. They are still too concentrated on Sinn Fein.

Some Garda however, have clearly had enough. If Fianna Fail, Fine Gael and the Green Party decide to remain too silent, middle rank Garda have decided to better start addressing the many that 2020 government parties continue to still often ignore. As such, as of the beginning of 2024, Garda have opted to create a dedicated operation at national and division levels in order to better observe and record the thug actions and threatening words of the far-right. Far-right groups that have formed around the country, have been infiltrated by Garda, as they increase their investigation of them. In the last five years alone, there have been 17 instances of trouble at various locations involving far-right aggressives. Ten in the past year alone. A Garda special detective unit is now on the job that government elected keep cowering in their silence and own non-actions, away from. The thugs, liars and social welfare fakers of the far-right are now going to be far more under heavy scrutiny.

So far, the main players of the far-right in Ireland, have mainly taken to using the likes of encrypted Telegram messaging services and other similar apps or software that allows additional groups chats. However, what they don’t fully grasp or realise, is that some of the companies operating these services, quietly provide backdoor access for state investigating bodies so that the worst of the worst can be silently monitored. This is not a new trick of investigators. Many citizens often wonder why prisons across the world don’t just erect phone jamming devices around buildings holding arrested and sentenced people. In fact, by allowing criminal and thugs to continue conversing, while unknowingly being tapped into, investigating authorities use their ongoing observed or listened to chats, as a further way to gather greater information. Publicly, net messaging companies state they are an encrypted service and that users chats and groups cannot be ‘tapped’ into. However, while some companies don’t give some states backdoor access, others certainly do – if only so they in turn, can gain other benefits (such as lower tax rates) from a a state government or even their elected. The main public of course, is not supposed to ever know of all this. Telegram, TikTok, “X” (Twitter) and others are being quietly watched. Only, now more so.

There are clear signs that some groups are forming into possible terrorist groups. Some also state to others the likes of “Let the slumlords know that treason (as they see it) will not be tolerated!”. The thugs of the far-right are more calling for stronger aggressive actions against those they only now see as targets to be hit non-peacefully. Far-right extremists have been already observed online, discussing the next steps that will go beyond their attempts to sow division and fear, to actions of more personal targeting of others.


How did it all begin in Ireland?

After many years of no action or not enough words from the usual bad old parties, an underground, internet organised, backlash hit Ireland. Recent issued words from far-right heads involving threats to further burn down a hotel that might house refugees, a building set on fire that was supposed to house Ireland’s own already homeless and, in another past incident, a vigilante attack on a homeless migrant camp after a far-right meeting was held, has exposed that things are quietly going from bad to worse. These ugly scenes and more, followed months of increasingly aggressive protests led by far-right known faces, while they continue with lies and deliberate ignoring other verifiable facts that they don’t like.

Until the more recent, increased intake of refugees from other nations including Ukraine, the far-right has been largely ignored by elected and the vast majority of educated, better informed population of Ireland. However, the increase of asylum claims made, has been an utter godsend, a gift, to the thugs of the far-right. they have jumped on this one main issue as something massive to explain as the base for many wrongs currently in Ireland. It’s stupid, over-simplistic thinking – but some lower educated, some too lazy to do a modicum of decent research, some just too lazy, are only too willing to swallow the simplistic soundbites of far-right thugs reaping the reward that other parties have gifted to them in golden opportunity.

The most common lie told by far-right heads is that those coming into Ireland are “unvetted”. Those willing to do a bit or research will in fact uncover that each person is in fact, vetted three times by separate people and state departments. This, to the fault of government elected, is not made enough known, So, the far-right daily get away with their constant lies on this one issue. May far-right know there are triple checks – but in order to stir up people and their hatred, they keep quiet about such facts that can be independently confirmed. Preying on public fear – which they have further created and then raised in staggered stages – far-right activists disseminate false information about supposed criminal activities and supposed mass staking. The far-right would have all else swallow that people coming into the state were responsible for the majority of stealing, drugs crimes, sex crimes and more.

Again, when one actually bothers to do a modicum independent research, the words and allegations of far-right heads, are exposed very quickly as further inaccurate rubbish. …But then, some of them again know this. Real facts don’t gain them advantages in gaining public support, so they continue in leaving out many verifiable facts. Instead, they soundbite about the “Great replacement theory” that overlords of world cabals are supposedly operating. Never producing a verifiable shred of evidence that could ever stand up in a court room regarding their conspiracy notions, they twist instead, current events as they happen, into a narrative that eventually ends with “Support us. We are here to solve it all. We have all the answers – but we need your money to carry on. Please donate“. Yes. Many of the far-right faces are constantly begging for money from their indoctrinated ‘cult’ mentality followers, through Facebook posts, Twitter accounts, in groups and websites. “Send money now to help the cause!“. In other words, look after those at the top.

The far-right grifters have taken such money and in one case, used it to buy or fuel cars they obtained, in another case, for the seeking of buying a boat – instead of keeping proper account books managaged by professional accountants, then (a) proper declaring it all to SIPO, (b) the tax authorities or heaven forbid, (c) being total transparent with the public, letting them see exactly where public donated money has exactly gone to by show of times, dates and receipts.

No, they never allow the third part, regardless how people feel about the first two! To date, the grifting continues. Only, it’s also now being closer watched by dedicated Garda detectives and other state departments such as Social Welfare.

The far-right are all too aware that every financial electronic money transfer, can be technology traced so they regular ask for cash instead. In fact, in order to keep their own cash intake going, one of their additional public political stated agendas are, to advocate for the use of cash always. To their own benefit too, of course – but their followers or donators are not supposed to cop that bit! Nor are they ever meant to question about where the money is going and “Can I see the accounts?” An immediate accusation of “group or party disloyalty” is applied or implied, if one even dares to question those in charge. The same people in charge, that are same time calling for greater clarity on matters they wish to only rage over. Hypocrisy much? …By the truckload! The subsequent discoving of gold bars (so banks accounts can be avoided) in a safe of one far-right setups, has awaked government departments to further financial goings-on that previously, they never thought to look at, never mind further investigate, but far more investigating they are now doing.


2024 brings the local elections around the country. Far-right groups hope to have their own extremists standing. Their leaflets already passing through letter boxes, is carefully worded to exclude a lot of their words that they have previously expressed on the streets of Ireland, when they spoke about “pure bloods“, “Ireland for the Irish only“, their bashing of anyone outside their Christo-fascism view on sexuality or other sentences that today are deemed as openly racist. Their leaflets cleverly put them across as decent folk out to resolve bullet pointed matters they list for convenience. They tone down their previous spoken, underlying racism. However, if an educated or wise person actually stopped to stop them and ask for their detailed solutions to such things – as the current housing crises, the homelessness crises, the current shrinkflation situation, price regulation, control of inflation, the way to stop street thugs from rioting and shoplifting, how to conduct international relationships better, etc, a sharp voter beyond their soundbites, will find little detail or solid substance.

They find it easy to riddle off many problems that might exist in Ireland but when it comes to providing solution details as voters would expect to find in any party manifesto, their own words and pages of solution explanation are thin or non-existent. It’s just more PR soundbites regurgitated over and over – and Ireland has had enough of that already from previous elected or wanna-be’s.