Welcome to the new and revamped Clear And Graphic website.

On an odd occasion this site might bring the latest news. However, it's more so concentrating on news, or greater details about same, that is not being told to the pubic but which is still confirmable.

Some news outlets like RTE, decline to report greater facts for genuine reason (time limits for example) but also because they have a political bias. This site exists to challange that bias - and if necessary, expose it.

It's never been more important when a tide of misinformion exists, that greater truth should be shared. Information that can be independently verified from quality sources. There are other basic issues that also need to be addressed. Many of them, including elected people, are still deliberate ignoring. Media outlets are doing the same. It's a form of censorship.

Information when it comes to people voting, helps then decide where to place their vote. Devious people want lies spread in order to win elections by partial scaremongering or heightening issues they are more involved with, above oithers that are just as critical. Information (therefore) is power, as the saying still goes. Correct information allows people to make better decisions. Liars and devious don't want that!

Jeff Rudd

Founder and creator of C&G


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