RTEcensored is a thing

The vast majority of people who gain their Ireland news, in bulk gather it around six or nine o’clock. Most are also unaware that RTE, other national news outlets and local media decide to not report matters – or in possible clear bias, deliberately under-report matters. They do this so that a persons view on any issue could be deliberately re-directed towards a more favourable conclusion, that a government party (and it’s supporters) would rather desire.

The amount of things RTE, the national broadcasting service of Ireland, has let go unreported or vastly under-reported, is immense. In order to combat their censoring antics, Clear And Graphic is now embarking upon the the task of listing many of the matters they – along with others – are repeatedly failing to report or detail as should better done.

If you wish to gain an insight into just how much RTE alone, in recent years has kept the Irish public in the dark, all they have to do is look up on Twitter/X and Facebook, the hashtag “#RTEcensored”. The amount of items that has been non-reported, is simply shocking. As such, many of these items will be further listed on this site, under it’s own dedicated section.