25th May 2024
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Israel Leader Trying To Save Himself.

On the 22nd of January, a group of relatives of Israelis held hostage by Palestinian gunmen in Gaza stormed a parliamentary committee session in Jerusalem on Monday, demanding that the lawmakers do more to try to free their loved ones. The action by about 20 people signalled growing domestic dissent in the fourth month of the Gaza war against Hamas. Families have increasingly become more and more angry as they see what they judge to be, a rotten extreme right-win government bombing the hell out of Gaza which is also recruiting in their own kidnapped family members slaughtered too. Anger has the inability of the Israel government to bring home the kidnapped, is increasingly putting the government and especially its leader, at risk of being ousted.

In apparent desperation, 24 hours after the storming of the parliamentary committee session, the government announced that they would be willing to have a two-month ceasefire if the kidnapped was all returned. 130 still remain in captivity. Another 27 have died in Gaza. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's personal position by the month is increasingly becoming unstable. Regular weekend rallies demanding the hostages be released have in recent weeks been reinforced by demonstrations calling for an election that might topple the hard-right government. Opinion polls in Israel are showing lagging support for Netanyahu. There are increasing calls for leadership changes.

2024 Austerity. What your government in Ireland and RTE is not telling you, is that it's been officially noted by EU institutions and finance professionals, that It is all but certain much of the EU is heading towards austerity in 2024. According to one report "With record high-interest rates, and worn out by a year of protracted debates about fiscal rules, even the least frugal governments have now accepted the reimposition of hard debt-and-deficit limits that will see about half of all EU members having to impose budget cuts in 2024". LINK

On December 20, after marathon negotiations, the 27 EU finance ministers quietly reached an agreement on a reform of fiscal rules that will set out a somewhat laxer pace of debt and deficit reduction than had previously been the case, but - crucially - still within tight spending limits demanded by the pro-austerity camp. It goes without saying, none of this is so far being reported by RTE news and other Irish media outlets. Once again, you are reading things first here. Facts that can be again, independently verified.

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Respect For Truth And Qualifications Officially Gained.

Content writers or providers on this website will not be calling themselves a "Journalist". There are genuine people who have done third level studying before going on to work in press institutions, before then obtaining their official "Journalist" accreditation. Genuine journalists have additionally obtained that official title by being recognised as such, by the "National Union of Journalists" (NUJ). Out of respect towards an official title, the NUJ and people that have obtained journalist accreditation properly, we do not call ourselves "Journalists". C&G attemps to report news. So, "news reporters" only might apply.

Clear And Graphic would like to thank the good journalists that are out there, still trying to make the people of Ireland more aware of what's going on behind their back. Such journalists are often facing biased editors, biased institution owners and other media bosses who are not willing to better report matters out of fear of losing advertising or government payment handouts. We would like to thank the NUJ for trying to protect good journalists who are still willing to try share news and information. A lot of which, other political parties would rather keep buried from public attention.

C&G is being provided with much information. A lot of this information comes from confidential sources. Those sources will remain strictly confidential until such time, sources themselves wish to step forward into the public eye by their own choice. Any material provided, shall not be published until there is solid evidence to back it up and genuine good reason to.

Gaza Genocide Continues

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Democracy Upgrade

Gaza Genocide. A Step Too Far.

C&G would like to thank the following for their continued dedication to exposing greater truths. Some of the following have at times, come under political party and government fire because they have exposed much that rotten or corrupt parties and people would rather keep buried. In their attempt to open the eyes of Ireland people to truth, C&G thanks the following: The Village Magazine - The Phoenix Magazine - The Ditch - Irish Central - Slugger O'Toole - Coverthisstory.ie - Meanwhile in Ireland.com - MerrionStreet - Irish Legal News - The Irish World - Dublin News


A Dodgy Referendum

The Irish peope are being asked - rushed - with little time to national examine, two referendums by three parties in office but all is not what it appears!

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Democracy Upgrade

The need for a democracy upgrade in a fast moving digital world, combined with bad elected and poor accountability, has never been more needed.

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The Gaza Genocide

Where once there was possible reason to act for justice, quickly ignoring much advice, Israel again over-reacted beyond just "self-defence".

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Lessons To Be Learned

“The masses never revolt of their own accord, and they never revolt merely because they are oppressed. Indeed, so long as they are not permitted to have standards of comparison, they never even become aware that they are oppressed.”.


“But if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought.”


“There was truth and there was untruth, and if you clung to the truth even against the whole world, you were not mad.”


“There are occasions when it pays better to fight and be beaten than not to fight at all.”


“If liberty means anything at all it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.”



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