DFA Political Appointments

The state Department of Foreign Affairs is said to be not happy at all. They are angered by what they see as an increase in political appointments of high-profile ambassadors abroad. For example, one person, John Concannon. He was one of Leo’s Varadkar’s Strategic Communication Unit’s heads. This was a PR group setup to push all things Leo and Fine Gael in particular – at further taxpayer expense. It’s quietly seems he got his own reward. He’s been appointed Irish Ambassador to Canada as of late last year. What do you mean RTE never mention any of this? They don’t disclose full details!

Like they didn’t also disclose that Mr Concannon was additionally appointed as ambassador to Antigua (nice warm weather out there), Bermuda, Jamaica and the Bahamas. Lucky for some? Another, Martin Fraser, the former secretary general to the Department of An Taoiseach, well he’s been appointed as Irish Ambassador to the UK, a very serious role on the international stage. Neither of these men had any proper experience as career diplomats for these jobs – but that hasn’t stopped party leaders from rewarding or looking after their own people, who previously looked out for their later rewarding party leaders.

It needs to be highlighted that the appointments were barely mentioned by a lot of national media, including RTE, who additionally failed to mention the questionable background of one. Top rank within the Department of Foreign Affairs are understandingly unhappy about, what they see as more cronyism though their department, still being carried out by party leaders. So much for the Green Party again being the “watchdog” they past election time promised to be!