A Scandal Continues

A national buried scandal exposed by founder of UnitedPeople.
Now PR remasked
under a new name.
Same basic setup, same companies. Just PR re-titled.
Same data abuses. Same illegal data transfering and exporting.



SHORT VERSION OF PAST: In previous years (involving Fine Gael, Labour and Green Party) there was an invented racket called “JobPath“. This racket was created in part, as another step in their collective party aim (joined in such aim by Fianna Fail too) to privitise more government department services that are provided to the national public. This is a TTIP/CETA long-term agenda. The private companies hired by the parties involved, tasked two – Seetec and Turas Nua – to provide services once carried out by Anco, Manpower and other once state setups.

Seetec, even before it was hired, was involved in a massive outstanding scandal over in the UK. This didn’t put off bad parties in Ireland from later hiring it, alongside Turas Nua, to carry out the “JobPath” racket all over Ireland.

As soon as JobPath started and people began being
(a) Pressganged under threat and bullying, had their social welfare money stolen off them (S.W. would quietly later admit it in Dublin Highcourt that didn’t have the powers in legislation, to take money. This has been additionally media hushed up),

(b) people in the private companies began to pass themselves off as actual social welfare staff, the private companies started using Social Welfare letterheads to mask their “private” company status (SW and company staff tried to best to oral admit a private company was involved),

(c) Pressganged victims that the private companies called “Customers” or “Clients” (if they wanted to be one or not) were told they must do as they are told by the companies – or else they would face having their money taken (stolen) from them.

(d) They were told that they MUST sign a PPP (Personal Progress Plan). They were (and still not) told they had (have) a right NOT to sign it.

(e) They were told that the PPP was not a “contract“. The usual line from company reps was that it was “just an agreement between a member of staff and the Pressganged person”. This was a fraudulent claim. One being made so that a private company could further profit, off the taxpayer, with every signature gained.

(f) They were not told that in the Dublin Highcourts alone, as well as in statement to an Oireachtas Public Accounts Committee (PAC), that the companies admitted each time under oath that the PPP’s – the “agreement” – was indeed a form of legal contract with a private company – all be it though their staff representatives who were also misrepresenting their status (claiming to be a private individual rather than acting what’s legal recognised, as an “agent” for a private company).

(g) Pressganged were not told that the private companies were trapping/tricking them into a contract that once signed, meant Pressganged then, had to obey the dictates of a private company agent or else they would have money deducted from them.

(h) Pressganged were not (and still not) told that by signing with a private company, they are indeed, (1) further signing away their personal rights and (2) signing a document that in small detain they are NOT also told about, means that a private company can then legally impose punishments. Yes, the person signing, is undermining their own person right s – but they are NEVER told this. They were/are being told they MUST sign a private contract with a private company… Or else!!! No one was (still not) ever told “You have the right not to sign this private contract“.

(i) Pressganged having signed with a S.W. department in order to gain assistance, they are already obligated to adhere to the agreed rules that means (1) they must be actively seeking work, (2) fit for work and (3) available for work. Those gaining assistance understand these three simple conditions that are stated in their signed contractual form with the S.W. department. However, upon JobPath beginning, the Department of Social Welfare (outside of the signed contract with the person gaining financial assistance) then imposes a fourth condition (one not prior agreed to or signed to) that people will allow themselves to be Pressganged into a profit earning racket for two private companies. In other words, they are NOT told that they are (by signing a PPP), agreeing to a fourth (non-contracted) imposed rule that S.W. are later adding on without contract legal basis under Irish and international business law.

Now, the S.W department try to claim that a person must go to the private companies – as this is part of the “they must be actively seeking work” previous signed condition, in order to gain assistance. Fair enough, people should be actively seeking work – but if it is fully true, that it’s part of the previous agreement between S.W. and a person claiming assistance, why must they later be made sign ANOTHER contract to a private company for the same thing?

This quiet legal point is never explained to every person that is then Pressganged into signing servitude to a private company. The purpose of the second contract/agreement is for (1) end awarding the private company who first must (2) further gain transfer rights of the Pressganged, to the company – so the company can claim they signed willingly (the threat of being cut-off is suddenly gone silent about, to anyone investigating)

What’s more incredible, is that those needing assistance are then told they must STOP going to other services to find work. They must only go to the private company in order to seek work. Other state department setups that are (or were) assisting unemployed for example, are then being denied the numbers to keep them going – as their attending numbers are being syphoned off them, so that a private company can better profit. All thanks to the political parties that invented this whole racket – and still continues it.

What’s more, as those other state setups are robbed of attending numbers (so that a company can more profit), those setups then have to let some of their own staff go – who also become unemployed – who then later, also find themselves Pressganged into the racket of the private companies too! Incredible, isn’t it! ….And Fine Gael, Labour, Green Party – and Fianna Fail, as of 31st of December 2023 – are not only going along with all this and more, they also deliberately remain quiet about it all. Just like RTE and other media.

There is much, much more to this scandal. The above and below, are just a few aspects. There is a mountain of details, along with hundreds of recorded detailed abuses that many people have suffered, stretching over many years along with data law breaking, money stealing, financial fraud and much moreas you will find by clicking HERE. This detailed post merely scratches the surface of a national abuse scandal. This is before we also get to the ignoring of a ECJ Bara case, data based, ruling which Regina Doherty, Fine Gael and other parties have repeatedly to date, illegally defied. They still do. They still remain quiet about it all.


Including an Oireachtas PAC presented, damning 500 page document of evidence with 100 additional sample victim statements.

In the end, such was the mass abuses going on – and then hushed up by parties that were same time condemning past abuses that were carried out by other institutions – that Fianna Fail decided to vote with opposition, to wind down the setup. It’s largely suspect they flipped on this because they feared vote losses from a coming general election. The Dail motion was passed. JobPath would be discontinued, winded down. No more people were supposedly going to be sent to it – more so, the private companies involved. It sounded like great news.


What did Fianna Fail do after the election? They went back on their word about JobPath (and other things too). Not only that. Along with Fine Gael who started to the whole racket, together, they extended the state contract the two companies running it, had with the government. For over another year they continued the racket, mass law breaking and all – until they could produce version two of the racket. The revamped version just came out under a different name.



As of Christmas time 2023, the term “JobPath” has been dropped. The two private companies (and further fronts they setup too) are still operating. They never really stopped. They are now operating under the new invented PR title “National Employment Scheme“.
Let’s be clear.
* It’s the exact same private companies operating a similar setup.
* It’s the same “PPP” (Personal Progress Plan) that they try force people to sign, thus giving private companies more extreme powers over individuals.
* It’s the same claim by them that “Your social welfare might be effected, etc” if you refuse to sign and “agreement” or “contract”.
* It’s the same setup that’s NOT fully informing Pressganged people about their full rights and other vital information.
* Same abusive acts being carried out.
* Same money taking antics.
* Same staff involved.
* Same profit making for the private companies.
* Same companies contracted to the state under similar protocols.
* Same rights undermined and made be given away – under threats issued.
* Same type of fraudulent claims being made (companies found people work when they didn’t).
Let’s be further clear. Short version again.
1. NOWHERE in the 2005 or 2010 (Amended) Social Welfare Act is any private company given further powers over citizens of the state.
2. The Dept’ of SW has stated to a PAC (under oath) and on Highcourt record (under oath) that they do NOT even have the legal power to stop people’s money, if Pressganged wish to maintain their LEGAL RIGHT UNDER BUSINESS LAW, NOT to sign a private “agreement” or “contract“.

Legal words do NOT exist in any version of the prior mentioned S.W. acts, regarding the (illegal) taking or deducting of money, for maintaining a legal right NOT to sign a private company PPP.

The Social Welfare department, the government parties as of 2023, the private companies – and even RTE – continue to NOT tell the nation any of this, along with much more they continue to NOT tell anyone. Their silence is deafening. All involved still DO NOT TELL Pressganged people about the right NOT to sign a private contract with a private company. One that political parties have hired.

It’s not in their interest or other private companies involved who are gaining mass profit gaining from taxpayers, to tell everyone of their legal rights and the actual stance of current law versus how it’s still being abused. It is clear why the companies are silent. They don’t want to undermine their profit chances.

Why are the political parties quiet? They don’t want to be exposed for creating this modern abuse scandal or exposed for allowing it to continue. RTE (and other) media stay quiet about it as parties they favour, are also helping to put money into their businesses and personal pockets.

“You don’t bite the hand that feeds you”


1. Under Irish and international business law, a person working for these companies, are still their “agent. So, while they try claim you are only “signing an agreement with me” – you are in fact, still legally signing an “agreement/contractwith a private company – just through their legal recognised representative. (You are not fully supposed to know/grasp this too)
2. The private companies can “REQUEST” that you sign a PPP – but they CANNOT DEMAND. If they state that “your social welfare might be affected if you do not sign“,
(a) they are idiots or
(b) deliberately misleading you.

Again, it must be stated. The Dept’ of SW has stated (reluctantly) to a PAC (under oath) and on Highcourt record (under oath) that they do NOT even have the legal power to stop people’s money, for they to maintain their legal right NOT to sign a private “agreement” or private “contract“. The law for this does simply NOT EXIST. They take money from you for not signing a private agreement/contract with a private company, they are illegal stealing from you. They can be arrested – never mind also, attempted coercion by issued threats.

If a government department passes onto you a contract from the private company and then demands you sign it, they too are acting on behalf of the company. As such, they too are trying to deceive people into signing themselves to a private company. In legal terms, this is misrepresentation. It is not only illegal – but such an illegal act under Irish and international business law, automatically voids any signed contract that was agreed to, under issue of any threat issued.
3. Signing a PPP indeed,
(a) THEN gives the private companies further power to browbeat you into doing further things.
(b) THEN they can order you to attend this, apply for that, etc.

You sign personal legal rights away by signing a PPP – that you are NOT legally required to sign with any private individual or private company.
This is very important – but they won’t tell you this too.
The JobPath racket continues to this day. It’s just under a new front setup and PR title. This is the same pressganging racket that Fianna Fail alone, previously voted to send packing – but since getting onto 2020 government formed bed with Greens and Fine Gael, have flip-flopped on – and further extended the racket – be it under a deliberately created, new PR made setup.
…But you are not supposed to cop all this and much more.

  • The public, care of too silent elected and too silent media, keep a nation of people deliberate under informed, illegal exploited, robbed in some cases and Pressganged.
  • FF/FG/Greens thank all those willing to remain silent, along with the two private companies, they still have contracted to state to, still maintained the two principle private companies, massively paid at taxpayers’ expense, to continue a complete rights abusing racket and within it, a buried national abuse scandal.

All the while, the same too silent elected go on about past institution abuses, how terrible and shocking they were, while they are part and parcel of a modern-day abuse scandal. Do elected fear arrest for their aiding and abetting this modern scandal, never mind losing personal votes? To many that already know of this modern national scandal, the answer to them, is a clear “YES“.

This modern scandal, which we have just above looked at in one aspect alone, is still vastly #RTEcensored.