How Has America Become So Screwed Up?

It’s a serious blunt question that will be asked within the next 200+ years by further people across the world, as it looks back as America as it currently exists in 2024. “How Has America Become So Screwed Up?” is a topic that will have many books wrote about in the future. As I write, … Read more

Signs From History For 2024 To Note!

It is often said that “Those who fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it“. In 2024 it is clear that this situation still applies. As the USA presidential elections rolls nearer and the talk of democracy being under threat being mentioned, it’s important that we look back in history regarding threats to … Read more

McDonalds Going Cashless

Over the last four years in Ireland McDonalds has been upgrading their locations around Ireland. More order touch screens have been installed, all with ability to take card payments other than cash. As such, less till staff have been needed to be hired. This agenda has been appiled to other McDonald locations around the world. … Read more

Democracy Upgrade

  Give the Ireland long decades of corruption, greed, cronyism, nepotism, long needed legislation deliberate denied, other legislation deliberate delayed or stalled, poor accountability of elected when breaking laws, the “Conflicts of interest” acts in elected office, the insider deals, the abuse of our current democracy system, the behind closed door deals, the missing files, … Read more

The Gaza Genocide. A Step Too Far.

On October 7th, 2023, Hamas gunmen launched an unprecedented invasion and assault on Israel and its people. The sad result was that they reportedly killed 1,200 people and took 240 others as hostages. To date over 100+ are sadly still in Hamas captivity. There can be little question about the core aim of Hamas. It … Read more

A Dodgy Referendum

* I want to preface this post by stating that although I utterly dislike Fianna Fail, Fine Gael and Green Party because of their own decades of still ongoing corruption, lies, u-turns, law breaking, operating double-standard, party member unaccountability and refusal to hold state others to court room account, traitor actions, undemocratic actions and more, … Read more

Trump. The Worst White House Boss Ever?

. People who have had the unfortunate time along with others, to work with Trump as he occupied the Oval Office for four years, have come out and stated that he must not be president again. In his four years of being resident, Trump created a lot of chaos, a lot of uncertainty, a lot … Read more

Facebook’s & Meta Gaza Censorship

A lot of people posting on Facebook and Instagram, both of which are owned by parent company “Meta”, are ahing their posts taken down. Facebook for example, using absurd excuses, have been caught repeatedly removing content that it bizzare objects to while other social media facilities are only quiet willing to share. when it comes … Read more

Global Shrinkflation

. The word “Shrinkflation” has increasingly crept into usage with people that are more aware about daily products they buy. In short explanation, “Shrinkflation” is the name given to the business tactic of dropping the quantity of an item quietly – while often at the same time, still charging the same original price or even … Read more

DFA Political Appointments

The state Department of Foreign Affairs is said to be not happy at all. They are angered by what they see as an increase in political appointments of high-profile ambassadors abroad. For example, one person, John Concannon. He was one of Leo’s Varadkar’s Strategic Communication Unit’s heads. This was a PR group setup to push … Read more