The vast majority of people who gain their Ireland news, in bulk gather it around six or nine o’clock. Most are also unaware that RTE, other national news outlets and local media decide to not report matters – or in possible clear bias, deliberately under-report matters. They do this so that a person’s view on any issue could be deliberately re-directed towards a more favourable conclusion, that a government party (and its supporters) would rather desire.

The number of things RTE, the national broadcasting service of Ireland, has let go unreported or vastly under-reported, is immense. In order to combat their censoring antics, Clear And Graphic is now embarking upon the task of listing many of the matters they – along with others – are repeatedly failing to report or detail as should better done. On occasion, outside media, such as the more UK based Sunday Times, The Mail and The Mirror, report scandals and issues that more home-based Ireland media regular fail to report. Why the discrepancy? Some observers conjecture that UK media outlets are not able to be kept possible quiet, as others more founded in Ireland, who have their main headquarters and staff closer to political pressure, influence and interference.

If you wish to gain an insight into just how much RTE alone, in recent years has kept the Irish public in the dark, all a person has to do, is look up on X (Twitter) or Facebook, the hashtag “#RTEcensored”. The amount of items that has been non-reported, is simply shocking. As such, many of the items below - and these are only a small example - can be independently checked. More items to be added.


The Phoenix magazine - like The Ditch - are doing a brilliant detailed job of reporting what RTE and other media decides to totally blank or far under report. Thank you to all staff and journalists for their much better truth reporting.

Detailed Items. All can be independently verified.

Ireland aiding arms companies. The EU has allocated €1.5 Billion in public money to the European Defence Fund, to bankroll research and development by arms companies. It is another sign that the EU, which Ireland is part of and contributes taxpayer money to, is further militarising - while same time for PR purposes and votes back home, trying to look like they talk about peace.

The Killing Of Journalists So far, 68 journalists have been recently killed by the Israeli IDF through direct attacks on them and by deliberate sniper fire. All of these except for one or possibly even two, have never been reported by RTE and other national media. Why? Don't wish to be seen criticising Israel?

Allowence Censorship.RTÉ still refuses to say why a presenter was previously paid allowances of more than €42,000 on top of their basic pay last year. An anonymised list of the top 100 earners at the national broadcaster shows some individuals earned significant payments in addition to their wages. This includes an allowance or allowances paid to an individual in a "presenting and non-management” role worth €42,778 on top of their basic pay of €158,366. Another "presenting and non-management” worker received allowances worth €36,221 on top of their €100,264 pay.

A member of the former executive board received an allowance of €31,711 on top of their €169,950 pay, while another board member was paid a €28,711 allowance plus €190,550 pay. It is unclear if the payments include car allowances, which are capped at €25,000. Their excuse for keeping taxpayers in the dark is so they can protect those that were paid. They don't want the taxpayer to know their identity. RTE news and other programmes refuses to even discuss the matter.

Unreported Huge Claims? In Ireland, there are 995km of motorways alone, 4,314km of national roads and 13,120km of secondary and regional roads. Just on one year, it's gone RTE unreported that one TD, Niall Collins, has apparently claimed to have driven an equivalent of every kilometre, of every one of these roads not once but four times. On average, more than twice a taxi driver does in a similar year. Joining RTE, other media are also too silent.

They also forget to mention that some of his claims - like other TD's - were made while the Dail was actually closed down because of a Covid lockdown. So, how some of them could claim for traveling to a closed Dail, is very strange. Some might say akin to fraud. Matter oddly gone RTE unreported

Say One thing - Then Do Another. 23rd June 2023, a Dail vote on "Order Of Business" is taken that means there will be no debate allowed or time allocated for questions to be asked, regarding secret payments in RTE. So what? In the previous days and weeks, in PR attempts to look good in the eyes of the public, government party elected stated into cameras and microphones that time would be allocated to the matter. Once off RTE cameras and radio microphones, they returned to the Dail chamber, to vote that no time be allowed debate or questions. RTE declined to report not only the Dail vote but the very issue of them all flip-flopping during yet another national scandal.

Rip-Off Ireland. Amid many of the things that RTE declines to report regarding increasing cost of living issues, is that in one year alone, price levels for household final consumption expenditure is massive regarding Ireland, when compared to other EU states. Ireland's price levels being 146% higher than the EU average. RTE regularly fails to report on failures of government ministers to get prices under control and repeated failures of weak or non-existant legislation. National newspapers non-report similar.

Ditch Reports. Since "The Ditch" begun their mass reporting of many a government TD questionable antic, RTE has declined to highlight 95% of the scandals exposed. One such example has been when The Ditch told its followers that a local council illegally changed a decision after Niall Collins TD, decided to give his input into the matter - which involved one Denis Collins who was seeking to convert flats above his pub, to guesthouse accommodation.

Over the last year alone, The Ditch has reported similar illegal and odd matters. RTE regular declines to interview the reporters that have exposed a book full of questionable TD antics. RTE 95% of the time declines to give credit to the news outlet, on the very few matters they have to reluctantly report. They still non-report many of The Ditch detailed exclusives. However, RTE remains all too willing to put on air, elected people who are friends of the exposed, so they can criticise The Ditch for doing solid research or for exposing many a possible corrupt act.

What Report? Have you heard about the report (about many who died through state stupidity) that is so bad (for those culpable), that a state department refuses to public publish it? No, You won't soon be hearing about it through RTE either!

Say one thing - do another.In one of his ever-continuing flip-flops, Michael Martin said that he opposed the Coillte deal. Later on, in a Dail vote he then refused to vote against it. Flip-flopping or more fence sitting while again not protecting what should have been protected? Either way, RTE and other media decided not to report it.


PANA. You Never Hear About It.If you have heard of PANA, you are one of the lucky few. If RTE mention it and what the usual dodgy parties are further up to, you are in a tiny minority in Ireland. RTE under-reporting makes sure a nation of voters is kept in the dark. It's just one more example of what FF/FG are up to as they carry on their neutrality destruction activities. LINK

Secretly Joining Another NATO Setup. What do you mean, you were not told about the "Critical Undersea Infrastructure Coordination Cell" and is another front for an EU military backed organisation! Will RTE and other national media not tell you? Did your local elected not tell you? Two silly questions. Of course, they didn't. In their ever-continuing attempts to undermine Ireland's once accepted neutrality, Fianna Fail and Fine Gael once again have been quieting inserting Ireland into more and more EU militaristic concoction dreamed up by EU heads.

The general public has been denied all referendum choices by undemocratic FF/FG as they have without public permission, already inserted Ireland into NATO Partnership for Peace (a military setup), NATO's Malware's Information Sharing Platform, the European Union Military Committee and others. Some could justifiably argue that cyber help is important - and they would be right. However, RTE and the usual elected decide to not state that there are many other similar setups that are not military connected or fronts for NATO, that cane equally be of essential use. In the meantime, other EU military setups are being jumped into care of the usual underhand sneaky parties. You are not being told this is happening and you are not being allowed a referendum choice on all this.

Fake Attack - Fake PR From Israel. Between caught making fake attacks for PR purposes, claiming a calendar was a supposed terrorist shift chart and other exposed antics as fake, this news comes as no surprise to those who check beyond what RTE don't report on a Gaza genocide occurring.

Elected Blanked, You would think that our elected when speaking on an international stage on very important matters, would be more heard from, care of RTE? Well, if you are not a member of Fianna Fail, Fine Gael and others willing to continue putting public money into RTE, it seems RTE will rarely broadcast you. Many speeches like the one in the video below, and the elected representatives that state them, are very rarely ever allowed to gain exposure to the people that voted for them - and the rest of the nation. The below was never mentioned by RTE, never mind also not aired!

Another Scandal, Details Kept Quiet. In any other European country, a massive scandal that would quickly bring down any government, has failed to do so in Ireland. Why it failed, is likely down to RTE and other national media giving the scandal like JobPath, greater attention. In fact, RTE alone, left out reporting on masses of shocking details, voters of Ireland to date, are still in the dark.

What this scandal revolves around, is (a) Fine Gael and Fianna Fail elected for PR (vote) reasons, openly condemning the imposition of illegal nursing homes charges for old and sick - but then in secrecy, they devised a plan to keep as few people as possible from getting their money back! A real stab in the back for many families across Ireland. Many that were subsequently left with barely enough to live on. (b) Further incredible, their own members around the country, local elected and those within local branches, all kept quiet (and still do) on this scandal that affects many of their local county and town constituents. Like RTE and other traditional Irish media, they too are silent.

Drug Firm Money To Medics. This is a scandal that since uncovered in 2022, has been vastly ignored by RTE and other national media. However, they are not on their own. Elected in government, yes - the usual old parties along with the Green Party - have additionally decided not to mention such matters, delve further or apparently instigate others to investigate possible malpractices or financial corruption. In short, it appears that major drug companies are paying medial trained including local doctors, to push their drugs over others that might be cheaper and others that could be just as effective, if not better! There is an additional claim that parties in government, are part and parcel of the financial racket too. It becomes another item left RTE unreported and under-investigated.

FF/FG Assets & Services Giveaway. As Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil, along with equal rotten Green Party continues to hand over social welfare services to two private, profit making companies (Seetec and Turas Nua), ask yourself... "When did they ask for public permission to embark on this national giveaway agenda?"
They didn't.
Not a word at any election. No referendums permitted. No democracy allowed, public discussion. Feck you, the country and your family. Let's just continue to give away our national assets, our sequested (pressganged) staff and our very state department services! What was once FAS, Manpower or ANCO, those services now given to private companies. #RTEcensored as matters to expose.


Warnings Totally Ignored. Senior civil servants previously warned Fine Gael, Fianna Fail and Green Party about fast-tracking ‘mega projects’ with ‘delusional optimism’, resulting in delays and huge budget overruns. You guessed it, RTE refuses to delve deeper into the ignoring antics of three parties, as they yet again carry on regardless, while blanking national given warnings. See "The five mega projects beset by issues as Government issued stark warning" - CLICK HERE. RTE news or it's investigative programmes declines to expose this too.

Redacted Historical Facts. Just a few bits of EU and Russian histoty that is never fully expained by RTE and other EU biased media.

What's A Few Thousand deaths RTE? In one day alone, recent to a Leo Varadkar meeting, Saudi Arabia executed 81 people in one day alone. They had also killed (so far) 377,000+ people in Yemen using British and US weaponry. Still, it's all smiles around while deaths are casually passed over for the sake of kissing backsides in return for favours. Morality for sale. Odd how RTE and other media never mentions additional information about county's that Leo sits down with.

Blanking History Uncovered. The IRA sadly killed many in its time. However, when to comes showing that they didn't kill some, that the British forces did the killings and just blamed in on them? RTE decides to oddly mention truths uncovered. They stayed quiet. Why? Good question! - LINK - LINK - LINK

Site Items.

Wallop – The Credit Card Tax. see: CLICK HERE
A Scandal Continues. See: CLICK HERE

Selective Polls Only. RTE has a tendency to report polls when they are favourable towards Fianna Fail and Fine Gael elected, in particular. National polls like this (run in Sept' 2022) are rarely reported. This one certainly was not.


Gaza Missing Facts. In all the limited reporting about Gaza, one things amid many that's under-reported, is that Israel has imposed a rule that any Palestinian who celebrates the prisoner swap will be charged with terrorism. Any parent or family member caught celebrating the return of their child who was imprisoned, with charge or without charge, constitutes terrorism in the eyes of Israeli law. They allow their own to welcome their own back and celebrate - and rightly so - but others can't, under crazy penalty of a lifetime of discriminating, unjust punishment. Why RTE is failing to report how Israel is once again brutalising women and kids, is very odd!

Ex-TD Held Over Drugs An online news outlet reported in September, 2023, that an ex-TD had been arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of cocaine. The ex-TD had been pulled over by Gardi. The incident not only censored, but how the legal situation has progressed, including results of drug tests, has been also censored by RTE.

AI Setups Using Water AI centres around Ireland are using massive amounts of water every day. For example, Microsoft alone used more than 2,500 Olympic-sized swimming pools of water, in its data centres last year. The server farm needs massive amounts of water in order to keep cool the huge amount of computer servers - which also use massive amounts of electricity to keep them powered up.

The issues has long been a concern for environmentalists - except for the Green party, who like RTE, declines to make the public aware of the issue or disclose further details of just how much impact by water and power, the 70+ locations around the country are having on the nation’s water systems and national power grid. The issue has been widely RTEcensored. Green TD's say nothing.

Spy? What Spy? This item (below, from The Times and has barely been mentioned by a lot of Irish media, especially RTE. Just like they have buried the story about a UK spy modern day operating within the Irish government. One more matter #RTEcensored. It's a normal day for other too silent media.

This is before we get to other possible inner Garda department issues that have yet to be transparent disclosed as well - as can be seen by the second image below (from the UK Times).

Heads, They Win - Tails, You Lose. RTE (and other media) constantly fail to report that the usual government parties of past and present, in the process of giving our national built motorways away to private companies, many which were built at cost to the taxpayer, are additionally, quietly given a no-lose bonus. The private companies gather taxpayer money through the tolls that they gather with every passing vehicle. We all know this.

What most people in Ireland are not told, is that the same political parties of old, are giving the private companies more taxpayer money when the roads are less used. FF/FG/Labour based governments have seen to it, that motorway companies are compensated by more taxpayer money because on some days, people don't decide to travel. You couldn't make it up!


TD Hospital Antics Going RTE non-reported, it's said that Simon Harris TD. signed a contract for the now world's most expensive hospital, with the notorious building company BAM, without agreeing an actual end budget. He and Varadkar made this decision it's claimed, to try take the cervical check scandal off national headlines and away from greater public awareness. CLICK HERE

More Hospital Antics It turns out that the Ireland health minister, Stephen Donnely, ordered the HSE to remove a warning of a potential €2 BILLION funding shortfall from its spending plan. The minister apparently used special powers to try suppress any mention of the massive projected deficit. You guessed it. This too, RTE has declined to ever report.

Undermining Neutrality The amount of antics by Fine Gael, Fianna Fail and the Green Party regarding undermining Ireland's neutrality, is astonishing. 95% of their antics has oddly gone RTE unreported. From promising citizens assemblies and then flip-flopping on them in favour of a stacked group formed, from using Irish taxpayer money to help buy weaponry and fighter planes for an EU military force, and much more, RTE and other media has monthly declined to report it all. An example of what's gone unreported, can be found HERE. C&G hopes to soon have its own news section dedicated to this mass of RTE non-reporting.

The below video and very important facts stated within it, were not allowed to be shared to the national public via RTE. They declined to expose how FF/FG/Green created stacked setups, are still undermining our neutrality and democracy.

Woodchip Daftness. The Green Party's power plant policy of importing needed woodchips from 7,000kn away from Brazil, has been called absurd. "It's unsustainable and it cannot be justified" says An Taisce. The amount of shipping fuel, the carbon count further created, all while the same party joins Fianna Fail and Fine Gael in killing Ireland's peat business, has been widely criticised. The cost to the taxpayers of Ireland, is said to be in Euro millions. An extra kick in the teeth foir taxpayers. Once offloaded, it takes a minimum of 30 to 40 trucks, to take it all away.

An impact assessment exposed that 175,000 tonnes of chips would be increase imported. More carbon count making and more fuel required. RTE continues their decision to let all this go unreported. The Green Party in adding to taxpayer costs, killing an Ireland business and upping carbon counts, rather than lower tthem, to no surprise remain vastly tight-lipped too.

How Things Are Stated! When the government that likes to also distract people, states that "X number of houses were built this year" - they want people to think THEY actually built them. In fact, they are often quoting private build numbers that have not got a thing to do with them! It's just clever PR wording, meant to mislead many. When the finer actual facts are actually examined by non-fooled, greater truths emerge. Of course, a lot of these actual truths are often (again) #RTEcensored. It's what they do. Not lie. Just not tell the full truth or full facts.

Pension Maths. With the usual parties in government up to their tricks, part of those tricks is dumping a load of PR into friendly media for the gullible to swallow - but what they are deliberately leaving out is math specifics. Others however, have done the maths on proposed pension changes. They discovered that things just don't add up as Fianna fail and Fine Gael would have people swallow! RTE again, are failing to report in this issue. One that will eventually affect many thousands of people for years to come.

Ensuring A Hand You Feed, Don't Bite You. To the credit of The Phoenix journalists, they have repeatedly tried to expose what FF/FG would rather keep buried. This includes RTE unreported, financial antics that will try to ensure that influential media will want to stay on side with those that are helping to money feed it. News setups that largely are supportive of FF/FG, are to get further taxpayer money. The likes of The Ditch, Village magazine and The Phoenix as of yet, don't get a sniff of any such funding. They regularly expose FF/FG antics - so it's highly likely they will be left out of any financial gifts. If they are lucky, they might pick up some financial crumbs at best! One more 'bigger picture' issue that remains very under-reported.

Continuing Privatisations of State Services. Also going vastly unreported, is the continuing sequesting of civil service staff into private companies. Now, technically they are only supposed to be "sequested" (pressganged by threat of sacking and/or losing built up pension) for a short period, around a year. However, the usual dodgy and all too quiet parties have allowed civil service people to be sequested/pressganged into roles that are extending from five to ten possible years already. Of course, none of this is being reported - never mind not investigated. Unions know it's going on but as some are favouring the usual political parties, they similar fail to address a continuing situation.

The background for privatising state assets, state departments, staff and deregulating the economy in the interests of the ‘free market’ (private profit seekers) came public officially at first, from ‘An Bord Snip Nua’ even though the privatisation of all things possible, was long around since the intentions of TTIP. Nua's aim and that of the similar CETA agenda (not coincidental) is one of continued modern privatisations. In PR terms, if questions are ever allowed to be Dail raised, 'improving’ the efficiency of public bodies'. In other words, rationalisation, state asset disposal (over to private interests for profit) and further privatisations - as can be seen though the antics of Coillte, Bertie Ahern, the Department of Social Welfare and JobPath, to name just two of many possible examples you are still not fully told about by RTE and other national/local media. In all this and more, you are supposed to remain totally clueless - until it's too late to do anything in reverse course!

Then there is questions still outstanding regarding Bertie Ahern connections in all of this. The UK Sunday Times ran a front page explosive article in the past (press media in Ireland oddly decided to then ignore it), about his possible connections to Helvetia Wealth, a private Swiss setup that was also looking to get their hands on Ireland forestry land, while it was claimed he was allegedly sitting on the board of the private setup, while also working in a government department at the same time, overseeing the same issue on behalf of the state. If true, conflict of interest? All this is before we also get to an additional "Chinese Investment Corporation". A body responsible for investing massive amounts of Chinese funds overseas. All this and more, remains under-reported and under-investigated by the usual too silent national media. Topics and antics that the public are supposed to remain totally clueless about, if it can be helped!

Secret Flights. This video - or more importantly, the facts behind it, are never shared on RTE. It's helping FF/FG to keep citizens of Ireland further in the dark. Speaker in video: Peter Dooley. Date 26th June 2023.

Unreported Numbers. November 2022. Look where Ireland is! You can bet your backside this is #RTEcensored fact.

Shush. Don't Expose More. RTE has rarely reported The Ditch, The Village or The Phoenix exclusive, insightful reports - that repeatedly show (a) levels of possible national/local corruption and (b) those involved (usually government party elected) never held to proper Garda questioning. In other words, proper legal accountability.

#RipOffIreland #RTEcensored. You guessed it. Numbers like these, officially backed by professional institutions, are never fully told to the people of Ireland. The quiet mass mega profits of big companies must be hushed up it seems.

Electric Vehicle Details. Strange that government, as well as media in Ireland, never investigate further such details as in this video - if even to disprove them - or maybe they really can't? So, they say nothing instead?


What RTE won't tell you. #RTEcensored. Paulie Doyle explaining how Leo Varadkar ignored SIPO's requests about multiple undeclared donations!


The British army trains cadets from at least eight countries that have had recent military coups. CLICK HERE