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...So, his 'cult' like fans try to re-spin it all!

A lot has been said by many about Donald Trump. Some of it has been stated by his political opposition. They clearly have their own reason for stating things about Trump. This must be acknowledged. However, within their many statements, there is still a lot of truth, even if it's shared from them, in order to diminish him in the eyes of voters.

So, taking anindependent view - regardless of one's personal political view of his personality traits - what are just some of the core facts that surround Donald Trump? Read on to discover loads that you can then independently check and verify. Your independent checking will prove facts here.


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Double Standards Much?

Trump in 2016: “She shouldn’t be allowed to run...If she wins, it would create an unprecedented constitutional crisis. In that situation, we could very well have a sitting president under felony indictment and, ultimately, a criminal trial. It would grind government to a halt.”

...But when he is convicted of fraud and also a convicted felon too?

Trump Firsts

  • First president in 28 years to not serve a second term.
  • First president in 45 years not to release any of his tax returns.
  • First president in 89 years to lose the presidency, the House and the Senate in a single term.
  • First president in 102 years to allow more than 120,000 Americans to die in a single virus outbreak.
  • First president in 129 years to lose the popular vote twice.
  • First president in 152 years to boycott his successors inauguration.
  • First president ever to fail to hit a 50% approval rating at any point during their presidency.
  • First president ever to be elected with the help of a foreign nation.
  • First president ever to be impeached twice.
  • First president to be banned from social media.
  • First president ever to have an arrest warrant issued against him by a foreign nation. First president ever to refuse to concede defeat.
  • First president to refuse to ensure the peaceful transfer of power.
  • First president to have their home searched for official national security documents.
  • First former president found liable of sexual abuse, defamation & business fraud.
  • First former president criminally indicted (also the second, third and fourth).
  • First former president with a mugshot.
  • First former president to await a jury’s verdict as the defendant in a criminal trial.
  • First former president to be found guilty of felony crimes.


1. Found gulity of sexual assaulting one woman, with more charges from other women coming to court.

2. Found guilty of financial fraud, deliberately inflating value of, his properties to gain more money.

3. Not only stole secret documents & stored them recklessly, also spoke about them to unauthorised people.

4. Using family, Trumps gained millions of dollars via foreign governments, under suspicious circumstances.


Additional video speaker: Brian Tyler Cohen - LINK

Fact: the majority of the people who worked for Trump now say he’s utterly unfit for office.

REMEMBER: Trump hired all these people and more. He sang their praises because in his evaluation they were all great people. Once they worked with him, they each seperately discovered how bad a character he was, while in equal bad operation day to day.

So, were ALL the people ALL wrong about Trump (what would be the extraordinary odds that he was wrong with them all?) - or was it a case that Trump's own ability to evaluate were completely stupid in the first place? As you will reading this page, given his many business failures alone, it's obvious to many where real core truth can be found - for those nonblinkered, willing to see!


One consistant lie that Trump tells, is president Biden iniciated a fraud case against him, in attempt to stop him from being re-elected. This huge lie is exposed as such, when people actually look at dates of a calendar. 2019, New York authorties began investigating Trump financial antics before, on their own, then starting a legal fraud case. Biden wasn't the president then. Facts matter - but Trump still lies.

Trump Legal Cases That Are Now History.
* Found guilty of defamation multiple times.
* Found guilty of sexual assault (rape).
* Found guilty of financial fraud via misrepresentation.
* Lost 60 cases. No real evidence produced each time.

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When a US Electoral College formally cast their votes for the next American president and then Congress met to formally declare a winner of the then presidential election, President-elect Joe Biden was confirmed as having won enough states to carry 306 electoral votes and the presidency. However, what Trump repeatedly fails to fully tell, is the judiciary that confimed the vote, even after looking for claimed fraud, a Republican majority at judiciary federal level confirmed the outcome of the national American citizen vote. LINK

Trump Mocks A Person With A Clear Disability.


When it comes to operating a business, Trump's skills in starting one and then ability to keep it going, has been proved to be questionable! Donald Trump began his career within his father's real estate company, Trump Management. This is some thing he would inherit. He later renamed it as the Trump Organization.

Again relying on daddy, he expanded the inherited business to Manhattan, where he used his father's financial and political backing to make his first deals come about. This was in the area of demolishing and renovating landmark buildings. After overextending himself and narrowly escaping personal bankruptcy in the late 1990s, he managed to survive and just about hold onto his father's origional created company. Since then he has tried to do many things that he though would be a great idea. Sadly, his own ideas and notions regarding profitable setups, have be failure after failure.

Some examples:
* The Trump Taj Mahal, which was built, owned and run by Trump, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 1991. It ended up going bankrupt four times.
* The Trump Plaza, the Trump Castle, and the Plaza Hotel, all owned by Trump at the time, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 1992.
* THCR, (Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts) which was founded by Trump in 1995, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2004.
* Trump Entertainment Resorts Inc, the new name given to Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts after its 2004 bankruptcy, declared bankruptcy in 2009.
* Trump Shuttle Inc, launched by Trump in 1989, defaulted on its loans in 1990 and ceased to exist by 1992.
* Trump University, founded by Trump in 2005, ceased operations in 2011 amid lawsuits and investigations regarding the company’s business practices.
* Trump Vodka, a brand of vodka under license from the Trump Organization, was introduced in 2005 and discontinued in 2011.
* Trump Mortgage, LLC, a financial services company founded by Trump in 2006, ceased operations within a year, in 2007.
*, a travel site founded by Trump in 2006, ceased operations in 2007.
* Trump Steaks, a brand of steak and other meats founded by Trump in 2007, just lasted two months after its launch.

Details on 13 of his biggest failures, can be found by clicking HERE

Up to the start of 2024, over the past three decades with Trump running various businesses, they have eventually been involved in 3,500 seperate legal cases in U.S. federal and state courts. ...But there's more, all which can be independently verified.

* The Trump Network turned out to be a MLM (Multi-Level Marketing Businesses and Pyramid Scheme) scam.
* Trump Tampa ended through failure and fraud.
* Trump Soho collapsed along with the death of a worker in it.
* Trump Golf (Aberdeen) ended up being a job promise scam.
* Trump Golf (Puerto Rico) went bankrupt.
* Trump Chicago ended up defaulting on 40 million dollar payment.
* Trump Panama reached it's conclusion with a lawsuit for management corruption.
* Trump Baja (Mexico) resulted in fraud and failure.
* Trump Fort Lauderdale became just another scam and failure.
* Trump Pak (related to Trump Air) also ended in failure.
* Trump Marina, you guessed it. Went bankrupt.
* Trump IPO - Ticker DJT - DJTCQ - TRMP - TER - all ended in failure.
* Trump Atlanta - ended in failure, as did Trump Charlotte.
* Trump Waikki Hotel ended up with scam claims and a lawsuit.

With a long accounted history of seeing and treating females of second-class citizens, something to be gripped hard. In his own words Grab them by the pussy", Trump was eventually found liable in a sexual assault trial.

Jurors didn't waste much time in coming to a conclusion that a woman, Jean Carroll, along with others who gave evidence, that she was telling the truth when explained how Trump sexually attacked her in a department store changing room in the mid-1990s. The jury has subsequently ordered him to pay $5m in damages for “sexual abuse” and for further defaming Carroll, accusing her of “a made-up SCAM” for political ends. This wild claim (a regular claim put out by he and fans when anyone seeks justice) has never been proved with any shread of evidence. Other sexual assault case are currently working their way through the USA court system.

Trump is so open about his undemocratic antics, he doen't mind admitting to them. He is on previous record as saying he does not want to give the USPS in America additional money. Why? In his own words, because he does not want to make voting easier. See HERE.

While previously gaining the presidents office, Trump spent
* 307 days going golfing - Cost to USA taxpayer: $154 Million
* 381 days vacationing - Cost to USA taxpayer: $150+ Million
* 142 days at Mar-a-largo - Cost to USA taxpayer: $62.1 Million

These numbers and Trump's locations are on financial record and on file with the secret service alone, who were with him at all times.

Such was Trump's constant crazy White House behaviour, for the first time ever, staff there requested that a psychiatrist be hired full-time for the building. See HERE


Since entering into limelight politics and just becoming a previous president, Trump made in four years alone, 30,573+ public lies - see HERE - see HERE - see HERE.

It can be - and has been - put forth by Trump fans, that these lies are not lies but just slandering attempts by biased media, just out to get Trump. There is merit that Democrat supporters are out to 'get him'. However, the lies stand on record as being verifable lies, easy proved to be such.

They are Trump lies stated that, when the non-lazy look into them, can easy see they are still falsehoods told by Trump - even if they are exposed by those who don't like him. Lying and misrepresentation of facts, Trump still sadly continues.

Unemployment under a Trump presidency, previously almost doubled while he was in office. It went from 6.7 per cent of Americans without work, to 14 per cent in April, before he was voter fired from taking office again. It remains a historic, totally checkable record since USA's great depression.

The national debt on Jan. 19, 2017, the day before Donald Trump was inaugurated president, was $19,944,429,217,107.

On Jan. 19, 2021, the day before Joe Biden was inaugurated, the debt was: $27,752,835,868,445 - $7.8 trillion higher. As it turned out, Trump's time in office, ran up more debt than any other president in American history.

When it comes to cheating, Donald Trump is in a league of his own.
* He stands exposed for cheating on all three of his wives.
* He stands as cheating his workers out of pay cheques.
* His slipped his way out of being military drafted 5 times.
* Playing golf, he's been found to even cheat there too.


Trump likes to whip out a bible for PR voter purposes, especially in the 'Bible Belt' of America. However, when it comes to sticking by religious promises to be faithful to each wife, promises made to God in a church? Outside same buildings later, he has many times broken his promises to his God, as well as his marriage promises to his three wives.

His fans say he's a religious person. However, opposition says that his actions speak louder than his false PR words. This hasn't stopped his support base standing by a very unfaithful person that's accused of treating women badly.

As a teenager, he's on report as having paid someone to take his SAT exams, so he could cheat his way into university. It appears on paper to have cheated on taxes - which might expalin his die-hard reluctance to let his taxes be seen by the public, even after he promised over and over again, to divulge them prior to his last run for presidential office.

His niece, Mary Trump, has stated, Donald Trump embraces “cheating as a way of life”. Now he is embracing it as an election strategy yet again. When he wins, it's a win. When he loses, in his mind, everyone else is cheating.

Trump: "Americans Who Died in War Are Losers and Suckers".


Trump: "...when there’s a crash — I hope it’s going to be during this next 12 months..."


Trump: "Laziness is a trait in blacks."


Trump: "Women, you have to treat 'em like shit"


Trump: "They’re rapists … some, I assume, are good people".


Trump copying Hitler's racism: "...poisoning the blood of our country,"


To many people, it's crazy that anyone would even consider electing a legal classified, court sentenced sex offender to any office - never mind being a president of any country. A sex offender represents a country on an international stage? Madness!

No one should be above the law. Only tyrants and dictators want to be such.


In 2017, US President Donald Trump appointed his daughter Ivanka Trump and son-in-law Jared Kushner as senior advisers in the White House, despite their complete lack of relevant experience and potential conflicts of interest. Subsequently, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner quickly made as much as $640m in outside income, an additional act of "Conflict of Interest" or exploitation of office position held, while working in the White House and for the American people. CLICK HERE

It is feared that if Trump is re-elected again, their private exploitation of office held, will likely reoccur under another Trump era.

TRUMP: For the record - an intro by Pulizer winner David Cay Johnston. His book "The Big Cheat".
The majority of Americans found themselves in uncertain economic circumstances in 2015, many in scary straits. Living paycheck to paycheck even with two working adults in the family had become the norm in America. By 2015 many people had been down so long, walloped by economic shocks in 2000 and 2008, they believed the future was not President Ronald Reagan’s Morning in America but endless debt and potential homelessness. The rent was too high, the wages too low. It was a time of anxiety for most, even as those at the top gathered riches beyond the imagining of any generation before them.
It was a perfect time for a master con artist to lay waste to the desperate and cheat them out of what they had, all the while telling them that he was really their friend and helper. Donald Trump was a man for that time.
Trump was a master huckster. He had successfully fleeced investors, cheated workers and vendors, ripped off students of his fake university, and outmaneuvered banks that loaned him more than a billion dollars that he never paid back. He had even cheated novice roulette players at one of his casinos in what was supposed to be the most heavily regulated industry in America. And he had gotten away with it. He had never been arrested, never been charged with a crime, even though Mayor Ed Koch of New York City once said he deserved 15 days in jail for sales tax evasion.
He’d even gotten away with forgery, as his own tax lawyer and accountant testified under oath in one of his two known civil trials for income tax fraud, both of which he lost.
While Trump was known in New York society as a cheat, a liar, a manipulator, and a deadbeat, and although he had been fined $200,000 for replacing women and minorities in an attempt to placate his biggest casino customer, the worst that had happened to him (so far) was lawsuits, fines, and being shunned by some at high-society affairs like the annual Met Gala in Manhattan.
But that was not the Donald Trump most Americans knew, or thought they knew, certainly not those who lived far beyond New York City and Atlantic City.
To much of the American public Trump was a hero, a larger-than-life business genius who could turn anything to gold while thumbing his nose at the American aristocracy. He was a modern Midas with a series of trophy wives and endless riches. And he ate the same fast food they did.
Trump created this image on the NBC television network, which for years aired his shows, The Apprentice and Celebrity Apprentice. The shows made the network a fortune. They earned Trump the cash he needed to pose as a multibillionaire, and, more important, they made him famous in what he called the “real America” of small towns, farmland, and cities where no one wore bespoke suits or designer dresses. And he had that signature line—“You’re fired!”—which in a perverse way gave relief to people who knew they could be fired at any time and for no good reason.
His television shows were no more real than the paint that made his name appear to be carved in gold letters. It was fool’s gold all the way for anyone who believed his protean story. To anyone who understood business, his show was laughable. But his audience was largely people who had never been in a boardroom or an executive suite, didn’t know what was taught in management schools, had no idea what makes businesses succeed. And so the ridiculous narratives played in prime time as believable tales of business acumen.
What people watching his show, and a majority of the rest of America, wanted was a leader who would relieve their financial distress. Trump appeared to provide them with what they yearned for: a hero who cared about them, a man who they believed would champion their desire to escape decades in the economic doldrums.
The year that Trump came down the escalator of Trump Tower to announce his campaign for the presidency, the economy was on the mend, but not fast enough to make up for the devastation caused first by the dot-com bubble bursting at the turn of the century and then by the 2008 Great Recession, which by some measures caused more harm than the Great Depression of the 1930s. Tens of millions of Americans who worked steadily, took care of their families, and tried to do their best kept being stymied by circumstances beyond their control. Their wages had stopped rising decades earlier. Ninety percent of American households had less income, adjusted for inflation, in 2015 than they had in 1973, according to tax data.
Even in households with two working adults, many people struggled to keep afloat. The vast majority of Americans had no savings, and more than a few relied on payday lenders who charged interest rates that a few decades before would have earned them prison sentences for usury. By 2015 those interest rates had been legitimized by the courts, Congress, and state legislatures. Health insurance plans didn’t fully cover even routine care. Pensions were disappearing.
Many good-paying jobs, especially in manufacturing and mining, had vanished, some gone to China, Mexico, or Vietnam, others never to return, especially in coal mining, as competing fuels were cheaper and cleaner. And job security? By 2015 no one’s job was secure, not even those teachers and professors who supposedly had tenure for life.
The plight of most Americans could be summed up by the acronym ALICE: asset limited, income constrained, employed. By this measure, developed by the United Way charities, a family of four in high-cost states such as Connecticut, New Jersey, or California needed more than $60,000 a year just to provide the basics of modern life. Only one in five jobs paid that much in 2015, the annual Social Security wage report showed. The median wage, including for part-time workers, was just $29,930, less than $600 per week.
And yet some Americans were rich beyond imagining. Trump had his own Boeing 757 jet; some ultra-rich couples had his-and-her private jets. Megayachts costing hundreds of millions of dollars sat at anchor on every coast. Mansions and even apartments sold for tens of millions of dollars.
It’s so unfair, was Trump’s message to average Americans, and it wasn’t your fault. Trump didn’t waste time with 32-point plans and talk about human capital investment, labor market elasticity, and productivity charts. He spoke to people in language they understood. He told them that the elites in Washington, in that swamp along the Potomac, were rigging the system for their own benefit and were doing so at our expense. Wall Street was buying up and shuttering or selling overseas the companies that owned the mills in towns across America.
Trump blamed border-crossing Mexicans for an increase in rapes and murders even though violent crime in the U.S. was on the wane. He blamed China for stealing jobs. He blamed Muslims for everything.
And then he made the promises people wanted so badly to hear. He pledged economic growth greater than anyone else suggested possible, up to double the average of the postwar era. He promised to bring back coal mining jobs. And he vowed to defeat the elites who wanted what Trump falsely claimed were cancer-causing wind turbines to generate electricity.
The coastal elites, Trump said, those with a fancy education and a big paycheck, looked down on those who never went to college, who lived in what the elites considered flyover country. He told his audience that he alone could save them from lives of endless debt and worsening misery. No one else cared about them, he said. At every rally he told the crowds, “We love you.”
Combined with this were his decades of practicing just how to appear on camera, how the angle of the camera, the lighting, the way he smiled or glowered would affect his audience, few of whom would ever grasp that they were his marks.
He told lies barefaced and bold, daring and dumb, distracting and disinforming. He lied even when telling the truth would have been better for his ego and personal enrichment. Trump, his family, and his cronies would soon train tens of millions of Americans to believe that there is no objective truth, that whatever he said was true, and anyone challenging his version of events was a liar.
It was a strategy of deceit, disruption, and distraction that no high school civics text had prepared Americans to understand. And it worked, bringing to power by far the most dishonest, disturbing, and destabilizing administration America has ever seen.
Trump promised to “drain the swamp” in Washington. But once in power, he stocked it with the most voracious economic predators and polluters in the country. Almost from the first day, he denounced duty, honor, reason, and rationality, all bedrock principles of self-governance on which our Constitution depends.
At the core of Trump’s lying was the myth of the modern Midas, who turned everything he touched to gold just by putting his name on it. That myth had its genesis in a 1977 meeting in the New York City mayor’s office, when police had to remove Trump forcibly—a story never before (media) revealed.
In the closing weeks of his presidency he not only tried to overthrow the USA government, he left behind policy changes that showed his disregard for his promises and his contempt for the people who had put him in office, actions that barely registered in the news from Washington.
The most diligent Trump watcher could not follow everything Trump & Co. did in his four years. Through it all Donald Trump, his extended family, and his cronies, including the swamp dwellers he nourished rather than vanquished, used his presidency to get richer, to set up lucrative future opportunities, and to escape their own financial quagmires. Some gorged on tax dollars; others put their greed ahead of our national security. Some focused on small potatoes. And although Trump promised he would staff his administration with “the best people,” some of them proved inept both at their assignments and in their efforts to loot the U.S. Treasury.
Topping the list of those who got richer while Trump was in the White House are his daughter Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner. They scored 18 sweetheart mortgages totaling nearly $800 million.
Five months after Trump left office, a state grand jury in Manhattan returned an extraordinary indictment against the Trump Organization and its chief financial officer, Allen Weisselberg. The indictment detailed a calculated 15-year-long criminal tax fraud conspiracy that included all four years that Donald Trump was president. Soon after Weisselberg resigned from his Trump Organization positions.
The indictment asserts that Weisselberg “evaded approximately $556,385 in federal taxes,” plus a third of a million dollars in state and city taxes through the conspiracy with the Trump Organization. It said he and his wife received an apartment free of rent including parking, utilities, and cable television; each enjoyed a leased Mercedes-Benz; and they were reimbursed private school tuition for grandchildren among other hidden compensation.
No president or former president has ever before been a figure in a felony case, much less one covering his years in office.
The 15 felony charges, if proven at trial or by confession, would establish that the president of the United States knowingly presided over criminal activity, including criminal offenses against the United States government, that continued to the day of the indictment, July 1, 2021.
While Trump was not named in the indictment, he is the sole owner of the Trump Organization. Eric Trump testified under oath in 2011 that no business decision was made without the approval of his father, a point that others have consistently made about the tight control Donald Trump exercised over his business.
Donald Trump worked so closely with Weisselberg that their offices were on the same floor of Trump Tower while Don Jr., Eric, and Ivanka—all executive vice presidents—worked on a different floor. Numerous associates have said publicly that Weisselberg knows where every dollar came from and where it went.
Detectives brought the 73-year-old Weisselberg to court in handcuffs. Both he and the Trump Organization entered not guilty pleas on July 2, 2021. A state judge released Weisselberg on his own recognizance.
Significantly, other than the formality of not guilty pleas, no one involved denied the facts charged in the indictment, indicating that the criminal defense lawyers know that prosecutors have their clients cold with virtually no prospect of an acquittal if the case goes to trial. Were the Trump Organization convicted of felony crimes, the state of New York could have it dissolved, its assets used to recover the taxes evaded and the costs of prosecution.
In summer 2020 the eventual outcome of the grand jury investigation would almost certainly be a New York State racketeering and criminal enterprise charge under Article 460 of the New York State penal code. John Moscow, the Manhattan prosecutor who successfully pursued the BCCI global banking case scandal three decades ago, concurred with my opinion when we appeared together on Brian Ross Investigates on Law & Crime television. Over the next year, many former prosecutors, criminal defense lawyers, and law professors appearing on national television adopted this view.
That law, upon conviction, would allow the state to seize the Trump Organization’s assets as the fruit of criminal enterprise. It’s also an easy charge for juries to understand, unlike tax cases, which can sometimes be defeated by confusing jurors and suggesting it’s so complicated that one can innocently violate tax law. Since Trump has said he is the greatest expert in world history on taxes, and Weisselberg is a certified public accountant, those defenses likely would not carry much weight with jurors in a criminal trial.
Trump issued a statement. “The political Witch Hunt by the Radical Left Democrats, with New York now taking over the assignment, continues. It is dividing our Country like never before!”
Trump Organization lawyers also didn’t try to deny the charges, an astonishing position given what that says about Trump’s presidency. Ronald P. Fischetti, a criminal defense lawyer representing the Trump Organization, belittled but did not challenge the accuracy of the charges in his statement: “This is a sad day for the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. After years of investigation and the collection of millions of documents and devoting the resources of dozens of prosecutors and outside consultants, this is all they have? In my 50 years of practice, I have never seen this office bring a case like this and, quite frankly, I am astonished.”
Cases of prosecuting hidden compensation are not unusual, despite Fischetti’s remarks. They are, rather, garden-variety tax fraud cases.
The indictment was the first but certainly not the last that the Manhattan grand jury will bring. A host of former prosecutors, defense lawyers, and I all said on various national television programs that the first indictment had two primary goals: to persuade Weisselberg to flip on Trump and to scare family members, employees, and anyone else who participated in criminal schemes with the Trump Organization to turn state’s evidence in hope of avoiding prison.
The indictment detailed a scheme to hide $1.76 million of Weisselberg’s compensation from federal, state, and city tax authorities. While Fischetti and other Trump lawyers dismissed this as small potatoes, suggesting it is common practice, the sum is significant. An American at the median wage, about $660 a week in 2019, would have to work more than 51 years to earn that much money.
In what surely set off alarms among Trump family members and business associates, the indictment revealed that the Trump Organization kept two sets of books in some years. Only a criminal enterprise has reason to keep more than one set of books. The whole point of accounting ledgers is to maintain a single—and honest—record of income and spending.
Throughout his presidency Trump was dogged by questions about whether he was a tax cheat. In 2018 the New York Times published an exhaustive inside look at how the Trump Organization, Donald Trump, and his siblings engaged along with their father, Fred, in schemes to evade income, gift, and estate taxes while at the same time jacking up the rent on rent-controlled and rent-stabilized apartments in Brooklyn and Queens. The Times project was based on 18 bankers’ boxes of tax records supplied by Mary Trump, a cousin who says she was cheated out of most of her inheritance by Donald and his surviving siblings.
Soon after the Times exposé, Donald’s older sister Maryanne Trump Barry resigned as a federal court of appeals judge in New Jersey. That stopped a judicial ethics inquiry into whether she was a tax cheat just as it started.
While federal judges have granted themselves such extraordinary favors as being able to stop an ethics investigation by resigning, former presidents do not enjoy them. The felony charges against the Trump Organization, if proven, would establish beyond all doubt that Trump committed “high crimes and misdemeanors” while in office.
Trump sued in 2019 to prevent enforcement of a state grand jury subpoena, which ultimately resulted in the indictments. The subpoena sought his personal and business accounting and tax records held by the Mazars USA accounting firm. The firm said it would obey whatever the courts ordered.
Twice Trump took this case all the way to the United States Supreme Court. Both times the justices unanimously rejected Trump’s assertion that as president he was immune from criminal investigation. His lawyers argued that immunity applied even if he committed murder and that this immunity covered his life as a private citizen before he became president.
Trump’s audacious claim of absolute immunity, a claim more commonly invoked by absolute monarchs and dictators, drew a sharp rebuke in July 2020 from John Glover Roberts Jr., the chief justice of the United States.
“In the USA judicial system, ‘the public has a right to every man’s evidence.’ Since the earliest days of the Republic, ‘every man’ has included the President of the United States. Beginning with Jefferson and carrying on through Clinton, Presidents have uniformly testified or produced documents in criminal proceedings when called upon by federal courts,” Roberts wrote, citing a 1742 British parliamentary debate to show how long this principle had been in force.
The high court sent the subpoena case back to the federal trial court for a technical review because it was the first time that a president had challenged a state court criminal subpoena. By the time the high court got around to upholding the subpoena the second time, after which Mazars immediately turned over more than a million pages of documents, Trump was a few weeks out of office.
Then the real fun began...
While the world watched Donald Trump's presidency in horror or delight, few noticed that his lifelong grifting quietly continued. Less than forty minutes after taking the oath of office, Trump began turning the White House into a money machine for himself, his family, and his courtiers.
More than $1.7 billion flowed into Donald Trump's bank accounts during his four years as president. Foreign governments rented out whole floors of his hotel (as a quiet way to gift him money) five blocks from the White House while lobbyists conducted business in the hotel's restaurants.
Payday lenders and other trade groups moved their annual conventions to Trump golf resorts. And individual favor seekers joined his private Mar-a-Lago club with its $200,000 admission fee in hopes of getting a few minutes with the President. Despite earning more than $1 million EVERY DAY he was in office, Trump left the White House as he arrived-hard up for cash (as he was and still is, useless in actual business with many bankruptcies behind him). More than $400 million in debt comes due by 2024, and Trump still lacks the resources to pay it back.
The farce continues. The 'Billionaire' still has to grift off the lowest of the low paid in America, to keep his cons going.

An Irish Letter To America.
During World War II, over 416,800+ Americans alone lost their lives while opposing Hitler and his extreme right-wing forces. The global conflict was the deadliest in history, resulting in an estimated 70–85+ million deaths worldwide, which then accounted for approximately 3% of the global population in 1940.
The sacrifices made by American soldiers, along with those of other nations, played a crucial role in defeating the Nazi regime and securing victory for the Allies. Between June 1944 and May 8, 1945, there were 552,117 U.S. casualties in the European theater of operations, with 104,812+ of them killed in action.
The war’s impact extended far beyond the battlefield, affecting millions of lives and costing more than $341 billion to prosecute in the United States alone. The brave soldiers faced immense challenges, they fought united regardless of own home political views and their sacrifices continue to be remembered and honoured.
They were all fighting against government and people that thought they could do what they liked, though they should have total immunity to do what they wanted and in god-like fashion, the evil tyrants that created so many deaths by their extremist ideologies, was crazily still looked at by some, in near cult like status. American citizens, including women too, fought and died to oppose evil in it's extreme forms. They fought and died to stop the sick ideologies of those spouting outdated, ideologies of "pure blood" and other sick Hitler rantings. Brave forces, men and women, fought and died so that their country and the world should never see the likes of such lunatic despots ever again.
Before Hitler died, on March 19, 1945, the racist fascist issued his Nero Decree (German: Nerobefehl) which in short meant that he wanted the destruction of German infrastructure to prevent its use by Allied forces, as they further penetrated deep within Germany. In other words, if he couldn't get his way by winning, the enemy was to get nothing. Even his own people of his own country could suffer and be damned by him!
Now we have 2024 - and despot Trump. Trump who is on verifiable record, insulting women, insulting his own party members, insulting his own workers, insulting brave dead American soldiers as "losers" while not abusing American women, insulting them, sexually assaulting them and more, is going on like Hitler about "ruining the blood of a country". Like Hitler and his Nero decree, Trump is imposing his demands that nothing is left behind in the legislative houses of America, that would be good for America, if he don't get his own way, his own win, too! Like Hitler here too, Trump wants it all - or else everyone else can go to hell, as far as he is concerned.
As Trump insults those that have fought and died bravely for their individual and united wish that evil regimes should be opposed and ended for the greater common good, Trump right now, is further installing his very own family into the organisation structure of the Republican Party. In essence, he is attempting to create a family regime of despotic power seeking right-wing extremists that he hopes, will carry on his own crackpot notions into further USA generations - where of course, his own family continues to call the shots and has top power influence.
If any of this sounds like a continuous family that runs North Korea extremist style, the similarity should be startling obvious to non-blinkered and non-brainwashed. Hitler himself wanted same as he too spoke about his dreamed up plans for a 1000 year lasting Reich. Many opposed that notion and the extremist ideas that were within it. American people in their hundreds of thousands died to ensure the world should never see its like again. 50+ years later, then Trump slithered his way into power through the use of his dad's money, connections, influence and even threats.
This begs a question. How did so many in America get it so wrong that they look up to such a power hungry, continuous raving, despot? Then again, a prior generation asked the very same question about Hitler too. Again in truth, Hitler’s own brainwashing tactics involved a combination of mega propaganda - repeated over and over till too many were suckered in.
Hitler carried out his own professional thought out indoctrination methods. He too used fear and social pressure. He twisted truths and when they didn't work, he just invented massive lies, again and again, all swallowed by the gullible. These methods allowed him to manipulate public perception, rally support, and then plan, thus perpetrate later atrocities.
For those that can see, those willing to see, Trump is again doing the exact same here too. America is heading down a very dark road, one where it might take further generations to even start turning back. Before that future u-turn might happen, there will be more utter chaos, less world peace, more undemocratic upheavals, more 'divide and conquer' at home terrible antics - while like Hitler also did, more hatred of 'others' will be invented or exacerbated. The 2024 blind cannot see this. Republican members refuse to see this, as it upsets their personal greed, adopted power searching agendas. However, onlookers from beyond the borders of a USA state can see much more than the cult-like numbers that sheepishly follow behind the ideology status of modern Trumpism.
In November 2024, crunch time will come for America. Allow me to speak plainly. The Democratic Party has it's own sinners within. There are faults that can and should be questioned. There are decisions made by them that should be questioned. There are heads within that now need to step down, if only to allow fresher people with even more fair, modern ideas, to step forward for America's betterment and safety.
This long letter is not about supporting those that wish to better stick to the true ideals of democracy and respect of constitution, while not insulting women and dead soldiers who laid down their lives for a sought better country. No. This letter is ultimately about sending a reminding message - that individual power hungry crackpots, however they PR mask themselves, should always be ultimately sent packing and left consigned to history. No future versions of them should ever be allowed slither into power.
If we cannot - if we refuse to - learn from previous history, taking into account the existence of modern weaponry that can now utterly destroy the planet 10+ times over, the human race is assuredly more doomed as we continue to allow crazy ranting people with too much power, once again gain it through top office positions grabbed. Their finger able to hover over "Fire" buttons!
Americans have ultimately got to ask at least one further question before they future vote! Who do they want in top office that will make them safer, make the world safer and who through better exhibited professionalism and decorum, will try unite people and nations rather than just seek to divide them first?
America, in November you get to submit your answer care of a ballot box. Choose wrongly? God help us all...
Jeff Rudd.
A citizen of the world.