The Epstine Names

Jeffrey Epstine documents that have been unsealed, are starting to reveal very important names. Some will be familiar to people, some will not. It’s expected that in total, between 170 to 200 names will be revealed. The first batch of names numbers around 40. UK’s Prince Andrew is reported as already known to be listed. Andrew was sued by Virigina Roberts (now Guiffre) who won a legal case over her claim of being forced to have sex with him, as arranged by Epstine and his then associate, now imprisoned, Ghislaine Maxwell (daughter of Robert Maxwell, found guilty on sex trafficking of minors). Andrew ended up paying victim Virigina Roberts, £12 million in compensation in order to settle his own case and keep it from going further in court, where it was feared what else might come out and what further details would emerge!

Ex-president Bill Clinton has already been identified as “Doe 36” within the files. Epstine was also friends with Bill Gates and their close relationship was reported as one of the reasons why Gate’s Ex-wife, Melinda, went ahead and divorced him. Two people have objected to their names being made public from the files. One woman, “Doe 107“, successfully applied to have her name kept secret as she feared a backlash in what she called a “conservative country” that she lived in. Another, male, “Doe 110“, has appealed to keep his name out of the public eye. His situation is still under legal review and a judge will decide soon if his name should be further published in a later batch.