Covid times

It’s never been so important that people and enterprises of all kinds make a greater effort to survive through an online presence. Covid-19 has cut off many roads, lowered shop footfalls and stopped people from even venturing from outside their doors. It’s therefore important that those that don’t have an online presence, gain one – and those that have a basic one, make greater efforts to increase their online awareness.

A taxi driver came to me recently wanting a website in hope that this alone by mere existence,  would automatic increase his business. One website or having fifteen however, is useless in existence of they are not found, looked at and information gleamed from them that’s relevant to a reader – and that reader having done a search, must find that site in the first or second page of search results for best chance for the site owner to regain their indicial website creation investment. On short, not just to exist is enough, you must make others aware you do – in part by making sure they find you easier.

Statics show (see HERE for example) that an online presence is effect if and when done right. Done wrong, let me be straight, it’s a waste of time, resources and money. Creating an online presence is worth it in time and money when the work put in is of quality and regular quantity. The results can be very effective. No question. If you are going to down this road of increased success, it will take a bit of effort, sometimes an increased learning curve and a bit of patience – but done right, the rewards are genuinely worth a quality effort.

If you want to improve your name, your brand, your profits and more especially under the current Covid-19 times, a definite way for greater potential is through a workable form of online presence. This is what Clear and Graphic is here for. To make that happen. What are you waiting for?