Better Opportunities

When it comes to social media, the business and public community, sales, getting your message out and understood, modern day marketing has help positively change the previously mentioned and more. Through marketing today, they have all become a two way street of better definable communication - no longer a single direction of just output. 

Vital Communication. 

Todays marketing practices allow conversations between business to business and business to public customer, to be done with more refinement. This comes about because the most important competences in graphic design field utilised are analytical skills, artistic ability, communication skills, computer skills, creativity and time-management.

Being a graphic designer is not just having creativity. It’s having the skills to quickly convey a message through visual content along with knowing how to communicate and keep in touch with the clients all the time.

Marketing Sample Numbers


Outbound selling method of cold calling only has a 2.5% success rate.


B2B purchasers won’t speak to a salesperson until done own research.


Buyers do their purchasing research via social media.


Online marketers say content creation their most effective tactic.

“Design is intelligence made visible”

Alina Wheeler. Author.


Having at least one image in your post vastly increases Facebook and Twitter shares and thus public awareness of related people & issues.


73% of businesses invest in graphic design to help their brand stand out against local and national competition.


The vast majority of small businesses consider design important to their success. Only 3% indicated design is “not important.”


Infographics are liked and shared 3x more on social media. Social media is a competitive field with over 2.62 billion potential customers. Graphic design is vital for creating a unique profile. On Facebook alone, content with graphics receives 105% more engagement than links shared. 


Marketing: Aspects


Business brands and those behind them have a very short amount of time to make a strong first impression. Visual appeal can be assessed in about 50 milliseconds. Either it works or it doesn't. The average human processes visual information 60,000 times faster than words read. Graphic marketers take advantage of this natural skill that people use minute to minute.

Content Matters
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Marketing Counts.

Building business, momentum and understanding through one to one or group relationships has been proved to be a successful and sustainable strategy. A critical part of such a strategy is identifying and building relationships with people who would value the products and services you offer. This is where marketing not only matters, it is critical. It is vital.

Are your relationship opportunities increasing? Are you getting your message across as you would like? Are relationships ultimately resulting in increased revenue or desired increased interest? If not, lack of marketing may not be working for you. Potential opportunities are not being grasped as much as they should - but importantly, still can be!

It's never to late to change tactics. Start up or re-do your advertising. Change the messaging. Use marketing experts. Successful people do whatever is needed to increase relationship opportunities which in the case of businesses, is essential to profitable sales.