eBook Covers Design

Giving The Right Impression.

Jeff Rudd


An eBook cover is an instant first factor in helping eBook readers what to buy. All eBook covers can be just as important to readers as a real physical cover. This is primarily because image including appropriate text and mood setting colour images, give a searching the viewer, a condensed immediate impression as to tone, subject matter and often, even the quality of it.
Searching through a book website section like Amazon, the web surfer usually sees a long list of items thrown up on screen at them. Reading all the text – even just the titles – takes time. Micro seconds involved in images being flashed to the mind of the searcher however, help the person to make their mind up faster – including where to stop and look for more detail if something looks interesting by image portrayal.
The average searcher browsing sites, can spend no more than seconds on each page they view. This applies especially when they know that they are entering a large section and they wish to go though what they consider will be enough pages, to find an item interesting enough. The more pages they have to click through, the lesser time they might give to each one.
One appropriate word, one appropriate image and one colour portraying a mood that corresponds to content and what the searcher is looking for, can thus be of far more instant attraction, rising above the rest, when mixed in with many others. Impressions can jump out and instantly last!